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EXTRAORDINARY WINE CELLARS! The Vignoble de Nantes Tourist Office proposes a full programme of events and special gatherings in the network of wine outlets bearing the label CAVES TOURISTIQUES DU VIGNOBLE DE LOIRE®. Les caves étonNantes! Twelve winegrowers, partners of … Continue reading

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For 20 years, the «Les Escales de Saint-Nazaire» festival has established itself as one of the major rendezvous for world music in France. This success is due to the city’s unique opening to the sea, as well as to the … Continue reading

Le Voyage à Nantes 2014,  Follow the green line !
Posted by Nantes Tourism Office
From 27th June to 31st August, every summer the event « Le Voyage à Nantes » raises the level of this eponymous sensitive and poetic urban trail by inviting artists, designers,… to express themselves in the public arena. It is the occasion … Continue reading

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It is no doubt that the 2014 edition promises to be the most prestigious Hellfest! After 9 years of existence, the hellfest finally the opportunity to offer its festival, the presence of essential English IRON MAIDEN! A first expected by … Continue reading

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